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15 July 2015

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Changsha Sets Another “Clean Governance” Themed Metro Station

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The Provincial Government Station on Changsha Metro Line 1 is decorated with posters of “clean governance “culture.

Changsha’s second clean governance-themed metro station, Hunan Provincial Government Station, also named Qingfeng Station, will debut on Changsha Metro Line 1. The first was Orange Isle Station on Changsha Metro Line 2, also named Qinglian (literally means lotus, which indicates and is pronounced as “clean governance” in Chinese) Station.

As of now, the interior fitments have been basically completed, with station walls, windows and corners decoration to be concluded.

Four exits of the station are in different styles. Despite of archaistic roofs, four clean governance themed halls, namely plum, orchid, bamboo, and chrysanthemum hall, were set to respectively indicate “Hunan People of Virtue”, “Hunan Morality”, “Hunan Customs”, and “Hunan Spirit”.

According to the decoration project manager, this station is interiorly decorated with Hunan celebrity quotes on its left side, and a 15-meter-long relief sculpture of the city of mountain, river, and island on the right.

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