Preliminary Contest

The General Agenda of the 14th Chinese Bridge—Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students

July 1stAll contestants arrive in Beijing for registration.
July 2nd to 3rdAll contestants visit Beijing and take promotional photos.
July 4thAll contestants arrive in Changsha for VCR filming.
July 5th"Cross the Bridge" Competition
(test on computer, talent show, and impromptu Q&A)
July 6thPreliminary Contest Round 1
July 7thPreliminary Contest Round 2
July 8thPreliminary Contest Round 3
(top 30 contestants selected)
July 10thKnockout Round
(15 from top 30 contestants advance to next round)
July 11th to 13thSemi-final Round 1
(Reality show in Quanzhou, Fujian)
July 16th to 18thSemi-final Round 2
(Reality show in Dali, Yunnan)
July 21st to 23rdSemi-final Round 3
(Reality show in Beijing)
July 26th to 28thSemi-final Round 4
(Reality show in Changsha and Zhuzhou)
July 29th to August 1stWarming-up in Changsha
August 2ndThe Final