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15 July 2015

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2019 Hunan Autumn Rural Cultural Tourism Festival

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The press conference of the 2019 Hunan Autumn Rural Cultural Tourism Festival opens in Changsha on Oct. 16. 
Qin-Han Ancient Road. 
Linwu Longgong (Dragon Palace). (Photos by the Publicity Department of the CPC Linwu County Committee)
The 2019 Hunan Autumn Rural Cultural Tourism Festival will be held in Linwu County, Chenzhou City between October 24 and 30. All are invited to experience the unique charm of the “1,000-year-old County”. 
The festival, to be held in the southern Hunan’s Linwu County, aims to promote Hunan-Guangdong integrated development, and facilitate Hunan’s coordinated development with the Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao Great Bay Area and the Nanling region. It will also help enhance Hunan's popularity and reputation, accelerate its all-for-one tourism, and promote high-quality economic development.
The festival is hosted by the Hunan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism; the People's Government of Chenzhou City; and the Chenzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Radio, Television, and Sports; and, the People's Government of Linwu County.
Activities at a glance:
Theme: Beautiful Autumn Scene in Southern Hunan and Family-like Relationship Between Hunan and Guangdong
Opening Ceremony 
Date: Oct. 24
Venue: Qinshuiguan Cultural Square
Serial Activities

Part 1: About Ancient Southern Hunan
2nd Nanling Tourism Development Seminar
Date: Oct. 24 afternoon 
Venue: Chufeng Lecture Hall, Linwu Baoyushi (Jewel) Cultural Industrial Park
Qin-Han Ancient Road Tour 
Date: Oct. 26 morning 
Venue: Qin-Han Ancient Road (Linwu Section)
Part 2: Picturesque Southern Hunan 
Camping Party
Date: Oct. 23 evening
Venue: in front of the Hunan Xiyao Lvgu National Forest Park
Travel Route Tours
Duration: Oct. 24-26
Venues: Qin-Han Ancient Road, Hunan Xiyao Lvgu National Forest Park, Linwu Baoyushi (Jewel) Cultural Industrial Park, Lishuiyuan Scenic Spot, and Huanglongshan Botanical Garden 
Micro Films 
Duration: Oct. 23-30
Venues: Linwu Baoyushi (Jewel) Cultural Industrial Park, Cultural and Sports Center, and Shunfeng Square
Part 3: Charming Southern Hunan
2nd Jewel Cultural Tourism Festival 
Duration: Oct. 25-30
Venue: Linwu Baoyushi (Jewel) Cultural Industrial Park
(1) Opening Ceremony of 2nd Jewel Cultural Tourism Festival and Food Court
(2) Delicacies Tasting and Jade Shopping at Night Markets
(3) A 3-day Free Trip to Linwu 
Participants: Hunan and Guangdong couples who were married between October and December (those from Linwu County are excluded); or,
Cyber celebrity with more than 100,000 followers. 
(4) Popularization of Jewel and Mineral Crystal knowledge and Expert Lecture 
Linwu Featured Tourism Product Exhibition
Duration: Oct. 23-30
Venue: Linwu Baoyushi (Jewel) Cultural Industrial Park
Cultural Tourism Projects Starting and Completion Ceremony 
Time: late-October
Venue: on the opposite of Xiuyan Park, Linwu County
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