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15 July 2015

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Changsha International Sister City Teenager Football Match

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Duration: July 9 - 15
Venue: Changsha
2018 China (Changsha) International Sister City Teenager Football Match and International Teenager Football Summer Camp will be held in Changsha between July 9 and 15. There will be more than 200 athletes from 12 excellent football teams participating. 
The event is co-hosted by the Hunan Provincial Sports Bureau, the Foreign Affairs (Overseas Chinese Affairs) Office of Hunan Provincial People’s Government, and Changsha Municipal People’s Government. It is co-organized by the Hunan Football Association, Changsha Municipal Sports Bureau, and the Foreign Affairs (Overseas Chinese Affairs) Office of Changsha Municipal People’s Government.
The 12 football teams are from HKSAR, Shandong Province, Shenzhen City, Kagoshima of Japan, Canada, Changsha City, Hengyang City, and Zhuzhou City.  
There is an exchange meeting about international youth football education. Guests including insiders from education and sports circles, and outstanding coaches from football schools across Hunan Province will gather together to discuss many issues relating to teens football development. It may include teens football development system and status quo, teens football development strategy and measures, and the building of football culture and the influence of football to teenagers. A carnival relevant with matches and football games will also be held. They will enhance exchanges among youngsters, pass on happiness and enjoyment getting from football, and have access to the profound Huxiang culture.
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