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15 July 2015

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Trade Between China, Africa up 27.4 Percent in January-October

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BEIJING, Nov. 29 (Xinhua) -- Trade in goods between China and Africa rose 27.4 percent year on year to 1.34 trillion yuan (209.7 billion U.S. dollars) in the January-October period, data from the General Administration of Customs showed Monday.

The growth rate of imports outpaced exports in the first ten months. China's exports to Africa reached 782.54 billion yuan between January and October, up 24.5 percent, year on year. Its imports from Africa hit 558.14 billion yuan, up 31.7 percent year on year.

China's exports to Africa mainly consisted of mechanical and electrical products and labor-intensive products in the first ten months.

The exports of mechanical and electrical products stood at 355.19 billion yuan, accounting for 45.4 percent of the total value of the country's exports to Africa in the same period.

The exports of labor-intensive products reached 213.38 billion yuan, accounting for 27.3 percent of the total.

Source: Xinhua