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15 July 2015

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China Optimizes Postal Service to Ensure Emergency Supplies in Wuhan

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BEIJING, Jan. 24 (Xinhua) -- State Post Bureau (SPB) has ordered to optimize postal services in Wuhan to ensure efficient deliveries of emergency supplies and daily necessities after the mega city was locked down to curb the spread of a deadly novel coronavirus.

The SPB said in a notice that all-out efforts should be made to provide express and postal services to and from Wuhan, which is at the center of the outbreak.

Postal and express delivery companies should reasonably allocate resources via all modes of transportation and ease traffic pressure, the notice said.

The SPB also urged the companies to fully cooperate with the police, health, transportation and other departments in the control of vehicles in and out of Wuhan, as well as issue alerts to the public about the possible impact on postal services in a timely manner.

Placing the guaranteed delivery of emergency supplies as a priority, the postal administration of Wuhan has been making appropriate adjustments of transport routes, sterilizing packages and vehicles and reducing direct contact between people during delivery.

Source: Xinhua