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15 July 2015

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Majority of Chinese Consumers More Focused on Quality: Survey

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BEIJING, Dec. 8 (Xinhua) -- About 95.5 percent of 2,007 respondents said they pay more attention to the quality of the products and services than ever before, according to a recent survey conducted by China Youth Daily.
The survey found that 58 percent of the respondents purchased fewer but higher-quality products, and nearly half of the respondents showed tendencies to buy practical and unique products.
"Consumers these days are fastidious and want better quality and stylish products," said Xu Hui, a former clothing merchant from Yantai in eastern China's Shandong Province, noting that the tendency appears in other sectors such as food, furniture and electronics.
"The transformation of consumption attitudes reflects China's economic development, and helps generate better Chinese products and brands," said Xue Haibo, associate professor at East China Normal University.
The survey showed 76.1 percent of the respondents thought the change of consumption habits represented more value on quality of life, and 53.4 percent of the respondents view it as a reflection of China's consumption structure upgrade.
Source: Xinhua