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15 July 2015

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China to Provide Better Care for Poor People with Severe Disabilities

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China will provide better care for poor people with severe disabilities as the country strives to win the battle against poverty.
According to a joint circular issued by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and other central government departments and agencies, efforts will be made to better use public facilities, and tap into social resources to provide care and strengthen rehabilitation work.
In places where such populations are relatively large, specialized care homes can be set up, the circular said, adding that community service stations and day care centers were better options in places where the demand for such services is small.
The relatives of poor people with severe disabilities should be first considered when hiring staff for either care homes or community service stations.
Poor people with severe disabilities should also have better access to family doctors, the circular said.
Local authorities are required to ensure funding support and close supervision.
Financial and civil affairs departments are asked to increase budgetary spending and leverage more financial resources to support the programs.
Source: Xinhua