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15 July 2015

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Hunan Culture, Tourism, Finance Departments Allocate 200 Mln CNY to Support Related Industries

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The Hunan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and the Hunan Provincial Department of Finance issued “Several Measures in Support of Culture and Tourism Industries Anti-epidemic and Development Promotion” on February 27, 2020. These measures move 200 million CNY from the provincial special funds for culture and tourism, aiming to give more targeted support to the cultural and tourism industries that have been greatly affected by the epidemic. This change is to boost industrial confidence and help Hunan culture and tourism industries overcome difficulties, maintain stability, and promote development.

1. Culture and tourism companies that organize online industry training such as cultural industry, culture and tourism market management, and workplace safety during the shutdown and recovery period, and whose training hours are not less than 30 hours, will be given a one-time training subsidy based on the number of trainees;

2. Financial support will be given to culture and tourism enterprises such as star-rated tourist restaurants and A-level tourist attractions that actively participate in epidemic prevention and control work;

3. Financial incentives will be given to owners of non-state-owned enterprises that reduce or eliminate rent for small and medium-sized culture and tourism enterprises;

4. The free financial subsidy funds structure for museums, memorials, art galleries, public libraries, and cultural centers and stations will be adjusted to give priority to epidemic prevention equipment and materials purchased to ensure the safety of public venues;

5. Local governments are encouraged, via government purchase services, to support state-owned arts, cultural institutions, and troupes to perform at tourist attractions, ensuring their basic operation needs;

6. Key culture and tourist companies, including national 5A tourist attractions, key national 4A tourist attractions, national and provincial tourist resorts, national and provincial cultural industrial demonstration parks and bases, and nationally-recognized animation companies, will enjoy discount support when applying for bank loans during 2019-2020. Five-star travel agencies will be given financial subsidies; and,

7. Financial support will be given to culture and tourism companies, related social organizations, Internet platforms, and excellent public cultural service activities and work that have made positive contributions to epidemic prevention and control publicity, culture and tourism publicity, research and development, and marketing and promotion.

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