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15 July 2015

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Governor Xu Inspects Epidemic Prevention and Control, Environmental Treatment in Changsha

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Governor Xu visits Hunan Junyue Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.

Governor Xu supervises environmental treatment at the Dongcheng Sewage Treatment Plant in Ningxiang City.

On February 13 morning, Xu Dazhe, CPC Hunan Provincial Committee deputy secretary and Hunan governor, came to Changsha to inspect epidemic prevention and control after production resumption, and environmental treatment.

Vice Governor Chen Wenhao and Secretary General Wang Qun attended.

After arriving at Hunan Junyue Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. in Ningxiang High-tech Development Zone, Governor Xu emphatically inquired about various epidemic prevention, screening and disinfection measures taken by the enterprise and the industrial park after the resumption of production. He urged the enterprise to pay special attention to the verification of employees’ personal situation and eliminate the risk of infection caused by false reporting and cover-up.

At the Dongcheng Sewage Treatment Plant in Ningxiang City, Governor Xu inspected the operation of the online water quality monitoring equipment installed by a third party organization and the sewage treatment process. He also inspected the water environment remediation of Weishui River Basin in Ningxiang City and the sewage collection and treatment in Ningxiang High-tech Development Zone. He urged local comrades in charge to make overall plans to fight the “three tough battles” (preventing major risks, targeted poverty alleviation and pollution control) on the premise of doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, and to make positive contributions to the Yangtze River ecological protection with the actual results of Weishui River treatment.

Governor Xu also inspected Wangcheng Sewage Treatment Plant and Xiaohe River No. 4 Outfall in Hunan Xiangjiang New Area.