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15 July 2015

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NFGA, Hunan Government Discuss Establishment of China Oil-tea Valley

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The first leadership group meeting of the China Oil-tea Camellia Science and Technology Innovation Valley was held in Changsha on January 7, 2020. The National Forestry and Grassland Administration (NFGA) and the Hunan Provincial People’s Government discussed valley construction issues. Peng Youdong, NFGA deputy director, and Chen Wenhao, Hunan vice governor, attended.

Hunan is the largest oil-tea camellia source in China. In September 2019, NFGA and Hunan government signed a cooperation agreement on establishing the valley in Hunan. The construction was then in full swing. At the meeting, the Hunan Provincial Forestry Bureau reported the progress of relevant work and plans.

Vice Governor Chen emphasized that we must plan to promote high-quality development of oil-tea camellia industry, to provide more people with cheap and safe tea oil. It was necessary to boldly introduce enterprises and make full use of market to promote the valley construction. The valley must focus on basic research and transformation of research results; make efforts to increase yield, improve quality, and raise brand profile; and, support the oil-tea companies to grow bigger and stronger.

Deputy Director Peng remarked that the valley is a brand new thing. NFGA will actively cooperate with the Hunan government to jointly study and solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the construction. NFGA will support the valley in projects, funds, platforms, and policies. It was essential to actively explore the formation of a complete system and internal control mechanism, and establish a talent evaluation system oriented to innovation ability, quality, and contribution; so that the valley will become a most competitive science and technology “Silicon Valley” full of talents and vigor.

Li Xianxing, Hunan Provincial People’s Government deputy general secretary, presided over the meeting.

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