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15 July 2015

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Hunan Improves Social Security Card Service

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Hunan has taken innovative measures to improve social security card service. Applicants can get their social security cards immediately at any bank in the province. Currently there are more than 58 million social security cardholders in Hunan. At the symposium held in Shanghai to mark the 20th anniversary of the launch of the social security card, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security spoke highly of Hunan’s efforts in improving social security card service. 
This year, the Hunan Department of Human Resources and Social Security gave priority to solving the problem of applicant “long waits” for social security cards. For the convenience of applicants, every county (including county-level city and district) should has at least one real-time social security card service center where applicants can get their social security cards immediately. Besides, applicants have the right to select any bank within the province to apply for their social security cards. This will challenge banks to improve card services. These measures have benefited residents with more convenience, more options, and higher efficiency. 
So far, the number of social security cardholders in Hunan has exceeded 58.8 million, representing 86.2% of the permanent resident population. Social security card service has reached provincial and local levels and covered all the 13 cities and one prefecture, and 122 counties, county-level cities and districts. With 102 functions applicable to medical insurance, endowment insurance, employment, and other civil service fields, it covers almost all aspects of a cardholder’s daily life.  
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