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15 July 2015

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Hunan Government Gives Reply to “Golden Ideas”

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A number of high-quality “golden ideas” raised by netizens drew attentions of and received reply from Hunan provincial leaders recently. Vice Governor Wu Guiying made instructions on the ideas concerning education, healthcare, and cultural and tourism integration. “These advices are constructive and representative”, Wu said. She required all related departments to seriously review and consider the advices. 
The Hunan government website launched the 2020 “I have golden ideas” initiative for soliciting suggestions and views from netizens on Hunan government work on December 10. There are 26 topics, including sci-tech innovation, rural revitalization, education, and elderly care. As of now, more than 400 ideas have been submitted, which have drawn great attention of the government and related departments. The “golden ideas” will be presented to provincial governmental leaders, and taken as references by the 2020 Hunan government work report drafting personnel. 
Let’s work together to build and share an attractive and prosperous Hunan with a promising future.
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