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15 July 2015

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47 Units Commended for Great Contributions to Hunan’s Foreign Trade

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A videophone meeting on promoting high-quality development of foreign trade across Hunan was held on December 25. It mentioned that Hunan has delivered a good performance in bettering quality and efficiency of export and import this year. 
According to the Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce, in the first 11 months, Hunan achieved a total import and export volume of 392.35 billion CNY, a year-on-year increase of 46.3%, and the growth rate ranked first in China. The imports and exports in Hunan this year are expected to exceed 420 billion CNY, and foreign trade will contribute 4.8% to the economic growth, an increase of 2.1 percentage points over 2018.  
Forty-seven units were commended for their remarkable contributions to Hunan’s foreign trade in 2019. 
Six cities were awarded as Advanced City (Prefecture) of Foreign Trade, including Changsha, Hengyang, Shaoyang, Yueyang, Yiyang and Yongzhou. 
Twenty districts, counties and county-level cities were awarded as Advanced District and County (or county-level city) of Foreign Trade. They are Kaifu, Yuhua, Yuetang, Shuangqing, Yueyanglou, Yongding and Heshan districts; Changsha, Xinning, Shimen, Yongxing, Jiahe, Qiyang, Yuanling, Xinhua and Jianghua Yao Autonomous counties; and, Changning, Liling, Shaodong and Jishou cities.
Top 10 zones that have made great contributions to foreign trade in Hunan are: the Changsha National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, Changsha Huanghua Comprehensive Bonded Zone, Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone, Yueyang Chenglingji Comprehensive Bonded Zone, Chenzhou National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, Changsha Jinxia Economic Development Zone, Jianghua National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, Ningxiang National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, Shaoyang Economic Development Zone, and Changsha Yuhua Economic Development Zone. 
Top 10 enterprises with remarkable contributions to Hunan’s foreign trade include: the Lens Technology (Changsha) Co., Ltd., Hunan Valin Xiangtan Iron and Steel Co. Ltd., Yueyang Guansheng Investment Development Co., Ltd., and Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
Hital International Transportation Agent Co., Ltd. was honored as an advanced unit of comprehensive foreign trade service in 2019. 
This article is from Hunan Provincial Government
Translator: Wu Lirong
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