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15 July 2015

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Hunan Highway Affairs Center and Hunan Waterborne Transport Affairs Center Established

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On October 19, the Hunan Provincial Highway Affairs Center was established, and the Hunan Provincial Highway Administration was abolished. The Hunan Provincial Waterborne Transport Administration (Hunan Provincial Maritime Safety Administration and Hunan Provincial Ship Inspection Bureau) was renamed Hunan Provincial Waterborne Transport Affairs Center. This marked Hunan’s major step in transport system reform.
The two centers are established with the approval of the CPC Central Committee and the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee. It aims to fully implement the CPC Central Committee’s policies and plans on deepening the reform of local public institutions and help Hunan transport system relieve of government functions and better serve public interests. The two centers are officially affiliated as an assisting role of departments or equivalent subsidiaries to the Hunan Department of Transportation. 
The Hunan Provincial Highway Affairs Center mainly participates in the preliminary review of the annual proposal for the construction, renovation and maintenance of expressways and national/provincial highways, instructs in rural highway construction, maintenance and management, and is responsible for routine work such as supervision over provincial road administration approval, toll collection, and highway operation and condition service supervision.
The Hunan Provincial Water Affairs Center integrates many functions including fishery ship inspection, and are mainly responsible for supervision and management of water-borne traffic safety, ship and port pollution prevention, ship crew, ship (including fishing boat) inspection, port, shipping lanes, and waterway transport markets.
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