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15 July 2015

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Hunan Accelerates Modern Logistics Construction

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The third list of Hunan provincial demonstration logistics parks was recently announced, and 11 new parks made the list. There are now 26 provincial demonstration logistics parks and 3 national ones in Hunan.

The new additions to the list included:

- Gaoxing Logistics Park, Shengxiang Smart Logistics Park, and Transfar Land Port in Changsha;

- CRRC Logistics Park and Anxun Logistics Park in Zhuzhou;

- Shenlongfeng Modern Comprehensive Logistics Park in Xiangtan;

- Smart Commerce and Trade Logistics Park in Yueyang;

- Multimodal Transport Railway Port International Logistics Park in Hengyang;

- Shaodong Xingsha Logistics Park in Shaoyang;

- Jianghua Comprehensive Modern Logistics Park in Yongzhou; and,

- China Logistics Chengtong Modern Logistics Park in Loudi.

The Development and Reform Commission of Hunan Province, together with the Department of Natural Resources of Hunan Province and the Department of Transportation of Hunan Province, entrusted the Hunan Federation of Logistics and Procurement to specifically organize and implement selection and evaluation activities. The third list of provincial demonstration logistics parks was selected and the first list of provincial demonstration logistics parks reviewed.

Seven logistics parks among the first batch of provincial demonstration logistics parks passed review. They are: Jinxia Logistics Park and Hunan APOWER Logistics Park in Changsha; Xiangtan Hetang Modern Comprehensive Logistics Park; Huaihua Shiziyan Logistics Park; Changde Deshan Logistics Park; Hengyang Baishazhou Logistics Park; and, Xiangnan International Logistics Park in Chenzhou.

The provincial development and reform commission noted that Hunan plans to develop about 30 provincial demonstration logistics parks by 2025, and will actively establish national ones. This will provide important support for the building of a modern logistics system featured with "channel + hub + network + platform".

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