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15 July 2015

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Hunan Launches 2022 “I Have Golden Ideas” Initiative

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The Hunan government website launched its 2022 “I have golden ideas”—soliciting opinions and suggestions for the 2022 Hunan Provincial People’s Government Report initiative on December 1st, 2021. It was done in cooperation with various media, government websites across Hunan Province, and government affairs new media. It will continue through the eve of 2022 Hunan’s “Two Sessions”. Internet users can leave a message via the unique column of “I have golden ideas” initiative (Click The event aims to encourage netizens to offer opinions and suggestions and draft the government work together to build Hunan Province into a new modern socialist province that is prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced, harmonious and beautiful.

“Golden Ideas” to Be Included in the Government Work Report

Hunan Province now stands at a critical historical juncture of thoroughly implementing the spirits of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), its second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth plenary sessions, and President Xi Jinping’s important speeches and instructions on Hunan; earnestly implementing the spirit of the 12th CPC Hunan Provincial Congress; fully implementing the Three Highlands and Four New Missions strategic positioning, missions, and tasks; and, striving to build a new modern socialist province. Therefore, the Hunan government website continues to launch this interactive brand activity on the occasion of the upcoming “Two Sessions” of Hunan Province in 2022, to better listen to the opinions, know about the willingness, and gather wisdom from the people, and to expand common ground and the convergence of interests for the development of Hunan Province.

Every “golden idea” will be taken seriously. It may be delivered to relevant parties, disclosed to the public, or sent directly to the governor's table. Those with high reference value will be submitted to the 2022 Hunan Provincial People’s Government Work Report drafting group and become a vital reference content for document drafting.

Based on the Themes of the Era and Hunan’s Practical Development Conditions

People are invited to submit advice on any of the 17 designated topics, with not more than 100 characters for each message. 

The 17 topics are based on the themes of the era and Hunan’s development status. They are:
- building a national hub of advanced manufacturing industry;
- building a technological innovation hub with core competitiveness;
- building a hub of reform and opening-up in inland regions;
- talent cultivation and introduction;
- Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan integration and regional coordinated development;
- private economy and regional economy;
- ongoing epidemic prevention and control;
- construction of “Five-good” Industrial Parks (with good planning and positioning; good innovation platform; good industrial project; good system and mechanism; and, good development image);
- business environment;
- infrastructure construction;
- stimulating consumption;
- rural revitalization;
- ecological civilization;
- building a solid province in culture;
- improving people’s livelihood;
- security and stability; and,
- government management.

Advice on “other” topics is also welcomed. 

Advise via WeChat, Weibo, Mini Program

People can submit advice via the access on the WeChat public account, or Weibo, of the Hunan Provincial People’s Government; or the “One-step Approval” mini program. One click can lead to the “I have Gold Ideas” particular column from any of these channels. Both mobile and PC facilities are available.

Scan the left-side QR code to enter/follow the WeChat account of the Hunan Provincial People’s Government, or scan the right-side QR code to enter/register the “One-step Approval” mini program.

People whose “golden ideas” are included in the government work report will be awarded letters of thanks and small gifts.

This article is from Hunan Provincial Government

Translators: Yu Jiangjiang and Pang Yuehui

Chinese source: WeChat account of the official website of the Hunan Provincial People’s Government