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15 July 2015

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Daily Update on COVID-19 Cases in Hunan on November 24, 2021

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During the 24 hours of November 24, Hunan reported no new confirmed COVID-19 cases.

During the 24 hours of November 24, there was 1 new asymptomatic COVID-19 case reported in Hunan (imported case). There were no new asymptomatic cases re-categorized as confirmed ones. There were no new cases out of quarantine. There were 4 people under medical observation (imported cases).

Between 0:00 on July 20 and 24:00 on November 24, a total of 129 confirmed COVID-19 cases (including 15 imported cases) had been reported in Hunan. There was 1 patient hospitalized, and no severe cases. One hundred and twenty-eight patients were discharged from hospitals (including 15 imported cases). No people had died.

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