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15 July 2015

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Changsha Huanghua Airport Launches “Transit Pass” Mini Program

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Ms. Li, a traveler from Heilongjiang’s Harbin who transferred at Changsha Huanghua International Airport to continue on to Yunnan’s Lijiang, said “It’s so convenient to book dining and other services with just a touch of the finger.”

She thought that the transfer at Changsha Huanghua Airport might take a few hours of boring waiting. She was pleasantly surprised when staff informed her, on her arrival, that she could get a transit passenger exclusive benefit via a mini program titled “Transit Passenger Service Pass”.

Since her layover was between 2-24 hours, she could get a gratis 40-yuan meal coupon. More than 20 restaurants in the terminal building, including Fire Palace Restaurant, KFC, and Pizza Hut accept the coupon. After dining, she went to the transit lounge in the T2 waiting area. She deposited her hand baggage via the mini program, no charge, before resting in a lounge chair.

The PRC’s civil aviation is in a critical year of "transition and advancement". This February, the Civil Aviation Administration of China issued its Guide on the Implementation of Facilitation Services for Transit Air Passengers. Huanghua Airport has taken the lead in launching innovative services. The airport began offering its “Transit Passenger Service Pass” mini program on April 7 after working with China TravelSky for two years to perfect the program. Domestic air passengers transferring at Huanghua Airport may enjoy these services. Catering, accommodation, airport shuttle bus, and other services are currently available. Smart services such as baggage tracking and notification of mobile boarding passes will be offered soon.

Huanghua Airport will focus on providing facilitation service for transit passengers. It is committed to building itself into one of the best airports by improving transit services and launching inter-provincial interline baggage services and air-rail combined transport red tourism, so as to improve passenger travel experience.

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