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15 July 2015

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Hunan Develops ITAI Program Industrial Chain

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The “Three-year Action Plan for Industrial Chain of Information Technology Application Innovation (ITAI) Program in Hunan Province (2021-2023)” was issued recently. It said that Hunan government will strive to make a breakthrough in the number of enterprises in Hunan’s ITAI industrial chain by 2023, with 400 enterprises involved and an industrial scale of over 50 billion yuan achieved. It will build a national ITAI innovation and development cluster to promote the high-quality development of Hunan’s digital economy.

Hunan government, based on its own foundation and advantages, has taken the initiative to serve the national strategy, project introduction, industrial policy, and ecological cultivation, and its ITAI industry has made initial breakthroughs. It has successively been approved as the second national cyberspace security industrial park and the first national cyberspace security specialized makerspace in China. The “Two CPUs and One OS” system with Phytium CPU, Kunpeng CPU, and Kylin Operating System (OS) as the core is basically formed. It has fostered two major industrial clusters of Changsha and Zhuzhou High-Tech Industrial Development Zones; gathered more than 200 representative companies such as China Greatwall Technology, Phytium Technology, Kylin Software, and Xiangjiang Kunpeng; and, made an overall arrangement of the whole industrial chain from basic hardware to software, application software to whole sets and system integration.

The person in charge of the Hunan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology noted, the three-year action plan is a guide for Hunan government to further the leap-forward development of the ITAI industry, focusing on four major development priorities of basic hardware, basic software, terminal and system integration, and security application and service. It will highlight six major tasks of expanding and strengthening the “Two CPUs and One OS” system; promoting ITAI program implementation; enhancing independent innovation capabilities; cultivating and expanding market players; building a national cyberspace security industrial park with high standards; and, expanding foreign cooperation and exchanges. It will also clarify and strengthen the multi-level coordination mechanism; explore and innovate supporting policies; strengthen talent team construction; and, create a sound business environment, so as to build ITAI a calling card of Hunan Province.

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