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15 July 2015

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Insurance Payouts Provided to Fruit Farmers

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On January 13, staffers collected evidences and verified the affected area of oranges at the Fertile Orange Base in Taiping Town, Ningyuan County.

Affected by the ice, snow and frost-triggered disasters, nearly 30,000 mu (2,000 ha.) of Wogan, or fertile oranges, and Shatangju, or mandarin oranges and the trees in the county were seriously damaged. More than 8,000 mu (533 ha.) bore no fruits. A direct economic loss of 240 million yuan have been incurred.

After the disaster, the county's agriculture and rural affairs bureau, together with the Ningyuan Branch of China Life Property & Casualty Insurance Company Limited, sent professional and technical personnel to investigate the loss in the disaster area as soon as possible. They quickly settled claims and sent warmth to the fruit farmers. (Photo/Le Shuiwang)

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