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15 July 2015

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Hengyang-Biklyan Freight Train Route Opens

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A new China-Europe freight train route, linking Hunan’s Hengyang and Biklyan in western Russia, was launched on October 15. The train left Hengyang Southern Station. It will travel 9,463 km and arrive in Biklyan in 13 days. This is Hengyang’s first international logistics channel to Europe.

So far, the China-Europe freight trains have linked 71 Chinese cities with 67 cities in 19 European countries. The Hengyang train is China’s seventy-second train after Changsha, Huaihua, and Zhuzhou.

Hengyang is a national logistics hub with an inland waterway which can handle 2,000 ton displacement passenger liners; Nanyue Airport; 8 expressways; and, 9 railways. It has geographical advantages and adequate supply. The opening of the new route is a leap forward in Hengyang’s opening up effort and will provide momentum to the implementation of the national “Belt and Road” initiative.

These China-Europe freight trains provide Hengyang and its surrounds with an export channel for local products and import channel for high-quality imports. It will facilitate Hengyang’s progress in developing modern industries and attracting industries transferring from eastern China. In addition, exporting enterprises can conveniently complete customs clearance locally for export tax rebates. It will facilitate Hengyang’s foreign trade development.

So far in 2019, Hengyang has imported and exported about 90 tons of goods via these 220 China-Europe freight trains which have transferred cargo in Changsha, Ganzhou, Wuhan, Xi’an, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. With the opening of Hengyang-Biklyan route, the journey takes only 12 days, down from the prior 60-80 days. Transportation time will be greatly shortened compared with maritime transport. This reduction lessens business financing burdens early, speeds capital turnover, and boosts local economic growth. Residents will have more options when purchasing European commodities.

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