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15 July 2015

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Reality Show “The Day I Ran China” Observes Tourism-based Poverty Relief

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The second season of “The Day I Ran China”, China’s first transnational employment experience reality show, was scheduled to be broadcasted on Mango TV and its international app at 10:00 every Monday morning since September 28, and will be broadcasted on Discovery Channel on October 17.

The programme was made by Mango TV and Discovery Channel, and under the instruction and supervision of the Chinese State Council Information Office, National Radio and Television Administration, Hunan Provincial People’s Government Information Office, and Hunan Internet Information Office.

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The first group of international apprentices are from China, UK, Italy, Brazil, India, Mexico, Afghanistan, and the Philippines. Under the direction of the host, Allan Wu, they came to Azheke Village, Yuanyang County, Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan Province, to catch the elements that define the Hani terrace ecosystem-- a rice-fish-duck setup that forms a complex food chain network, learn from "Azheke Plan", a targeted poverty-relief program, and observe the achievements of the integration of cultural heritage protection and tourism sustainable development.

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