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15 July 2015

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2020 National Science Popularization Day Changsha Session to Be Held Sept. 19

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The Changsha Science and Technology Association announced on September 13 that, the 2020 National Science Popularization Day Changsha Session will be held at the Longping Rice Museum on September 19. Rich science and technology experience activities will be carried out at the museum’s scientific research achievements exhibition area, rumor-debunking area, artificial intelligence exhibition area, science popularization caravan experience area, and anti-epidemic pictures area.

More than 10 booths will be set up. Local high-tech enterprises, science popularization venues, relevant societies and makers' teams will be invited to display innovative scientific and technological products and achievements, popularize interesting science knowledge, and carry out makers' experience activities. A science popularization live streaming room will provide a live broadcast of the launch ceremony and theme exhibition areas.

At the scientific research achievements exhibition area, Sansure Biotech will display nucleic acid detection technology, fluorescent labeling detection technology, and new high-sensitivity and high-throughput DNA and RNA detection technology. Changsha Satellite Research and Development Center (Tianyi Research Institute) will display physical Hunan-made satellite. Visitors will be able to experience its skynet model. Chuanggu Audio Industry (Chuangshijie Exhibition Hall) will bring a “sound museum”. Visitors will be able to feel the convenience brought by the audio industry, and learn about the industry’s evolution history.

At the rumor-debunking area, professionals will use modern technologies and carry out experiments to debunk rumors on the internet. For example, does whitening toothpaste can really whiten teeth? Does the microcurrent facial mask really carry micro current?

At the artificial intelligence and robot education area, visitors will be able to feel and experience the convenience brought by artificial intelligence to the whole society. Anti-epidemic robots including virus detection robots, food delivery robots, disinfection robots; and, robots for daily use including intelligent corridor light, intelligent roof, intelligent anti-theft window, intelligent window, fire alarm robots, will be displayed. Visitors will have chance to interact with these robots, such as playing Rubik's cube and protecting the environment.