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15 July 2015

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New Train Diagram Put into Operation

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The Guangzhou Railway Group put a new train diagram into operation starting from midnight on April 10. More bullet trains will be operated to increase passenger transport capacity during peak hours and optimize the operation of passenger trains. This will greatly improve passenger transport capacity and passenger travel experience.

The Changsha South Railway Station will add 8 pairs of passenger trains. Among them, there are 3 pairs between Changsha and Loudi, 1 pair between Changsha and Ganzhou, 1 pair between Changsha and Tongren, 1 pair between Chenzhou and Changsha, 1 pair between Changsha and Shaoyang, and 1 pair between Changsha and Huaihua. This will facilitate business travel and visits to friends and relatives.

While making scientific arrangements for transport capacity, the railway authority will also strengthen efforts to disinfect and ventilate stations and trains; carry out strict temperature measurement for passengers entering and leaving the stations; and, urge passengers to sit separately, leave in batches, and keep a safe distance from others, so as to provide a safe travel environment for passengers.

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