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15 July 2015

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Yiyang Shares COVID-19 Treatment Experience with Guarulhos, Brazil

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Yiyang shared its COVID-19 treatment experience with the Brazilian city Guarulhos via a video conference on April 8. The two cities signed the MOU of friendship city relationship in last December.

Guarulhos, the second largest city of Brazil’s Sao Paulo State, has 29 accumulative confirmed cases and 2,030 suspected cases of COVID-19. It just completed a makeshift hospital with 70 ICU beds and 30 ordinary beds. However, it still faces such challenges as low efficiency and accuracy of nucleic acid testing, and shortage of medical protective equipment.

Guarulhos personnel inquired about social management, emergency measures, and personal protection during the conference. Their questions included: impacts of climate on the epidemic; key measures taken in blocking human-to-human transmission of the virus; and, disinfection in public areas.

Yiyang’s disease control and respiratory therapy experts answered their questions, and share Yiyang’s experience in community-level epidemic prevention and control. They explained key points in epidemic prevention and control in urban and rural areas, reinforcement of community-level prevention and control, and grid-based community administration.

The Guarulhos officials expressed gratitude on behalf their government for Yiyang’s assistance, and hoped the two cities will keep in touch and share more experience. Guarulhos will take Yiyang’s experience for reference and combine it with local situations, to boost epidemic prevention and control.

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