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15 July 2015

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Malanshan China Original Musical Base Established

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The Malanshan China Original Musical Base was established in the Changsha Malanshan Video Cultural and Creative Industrial Park on January 11, 2020. 

A number of national-level musical associations and famous Hunan-born musicians such as Tan Dun and Liu Yue, will establish studios at the base, said Xu Yingying, founder of the base and a country-level Hunanese scriptwriter. 

The base was initiated by Hunan-born artists Tan Dun, Li Guyi, Wu Bixia, Zhang Ye, Lei Jia, and Wang Lida, and founded by the Hunan Nanguoxinshe Cultural Transmission Co., Ltd. and the China Musical Association (CMA). As of now, a group of musical centers and studios have registered to settle, including CMA Malanshan Original Creation Center, Chinese Theatre Literature Association (CTLA) Musical Creation (Hunan) Center, China National Opera & Dance Drama Theatre (CNODDT) Creation and Folk Art Tour Center, and Tan Dun and Liu Yue’s studios. 

At the nameplate unveiling ceremony, the base singed agreement with CMA, CTLA, and CNODDT to collaborate in creating high quality original musicals.

From 2020, the base will invite prominent Chinese artists to give trainings for musical teachers, and organize nonprofit Chinese and English musical trainings for children. A number of musicals will be staged. Musical amateurs will be provided with opportunities to participate in creations and performances. 

Child play “Fox Raises Chickens” will be staged publicly on June 1. Performer training will start after the Spring Festival holiday. 

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