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15 July 2015

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First Zhuzhou-Duisburg Freight Train Starts

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A Zhuzhou-Duisburg freight train started its maiden trip on December 27, 2019. It carries electronic and mechanical products worth five million USD, and will arrive in Duisburg, Germany, in 17 days.  
This is a new China-Europe freight train route, after that between Zhuzhou and Minsk, Belarus. The total length is more than 11,000 km. 
“In the past, waterway transport was the major option between Zhuzhou and Duisburg, which should take 45 to 50 days,” said Peng Lina, vice general manager of the Hunan Xiang Ou Express Co., Ltd . She marked that, with this new route, the transportation time between Zhuzhou and Duisburg is nearly one month shorter than by waterway, and the cost is more than 10 times less than by air. Besides, time cost is also greatly reduced due to the one-stop customs clearance and inspection process for the goods on the train.  
The Zhuzhou-Minsk freight train firstly started on July 4. As of now, 18 trains have been sent, carrying 1,582 TEUs and 20,000 tons of goods worth 47 million USD. 
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