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15 July 2015

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Hunan Acrobatic Troupes to Launch Overseas Performance Tours

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The Hunan Performance Group launches its 2020 New Year Performance Season. (Photo/Deng Xia)
The Hunan Performance Group will start its 2020 New Year performance season. As planned, two acrobatic troupes will stage more than 105 shows in 102 cities in such countries as Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, and Czech Republic. 
Young acrobats of the Hunan Acrobatic Art Theatre perform at the press conference. (Photo/Deng Xia)
A press conference for the 2020 performance season introduced the two acrobatic troupes. One is the troupe who created and performed the original acrobatic drama “Tour of Dream”. They will stage in 48 Spanish cities between December 10 of 2019 and March 9 of 2020. The other is the troupe of young acrobats who performed a cooperative acrobatic scene play “Happy Chinese New Year” by the theatre and a German folk art company. They will stage in 54 cities in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, and Czech Republic between December 15 of 2019 and February 26 of 2020. 
A dance performance “Blooms in the Orient” is staged at the press conference. (Photo/Deng Xia)
The two signature shows of the Hunan Acrobatic Art Theatre – Tour of Dream and Happy Chinese New Year, have been staged for nearly 600 times attracting nearly 700,000 audiences around the world. 
During the season, 150 “Splendid Hunan” photography exhibitions will open in 100 European cities. Foreign visitors can learn about Hunan’s landscapes, culture, and social development through performances and photos. All the stage props and photographic exhibits are shipped to Spain and Germany. 
The Hunan Performance Group firstly launched the “New Year Performance Season” in 2015 which has become a key cultural event and brand of the province. In the coming New Year and Chinese Spring Festival, more than 300 performances will be staged at home and abroad, including symphony, folk music, acrobatics, songs and dances, drama, and child play. Beyond that, performance troupes will go to entertain villagers at remote and poverty-stricken areas, such as Shibadong Village in Xiangxi and Jiaheping Village in Sangzhi. 
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