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15 July 2015

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First Hunan Community Fun Sports Finals Kick off

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The First Hunan Community Fun Sports Finals were held at  the Hunan Sports School playground on December 8, 2019 . The competitors were divided into three groups: youth, middle-aged, and senior. Each group had individual all-round and team categories. More than 500 participants  from Hunan’s 13 cities and 1 prefecture competed in creative events such as throwing over obstacles, fun bowling, ball-pushing running, “ants crossing river”, “walking on hot wheels”, valiant rushing off, and creative jigsaw puzzles.
Participants compete in the “ball-pushing” race.
A community family competes in the “ants crossing river” competition.
Community  representatives compete in the “creative jigsaw puzzles”.
Community aunts join in the “throwing  over obstacles” competition.
A community representative gets a perfect score in the “foot bowling” competition.
Community representatives compete in the “walking on hot wheels”.
All the photos above are taken by Yang Huafeng.
Hunan may be  the first province in China to host a provincial community sports meeting. The sports meeting was down-to-earth with a low entry barrier, and suitable for all ages. It has been highly sought after by the public. Since initiated in July, it has attracted nearly 180,000 people from more than 60,000 families and 1,265 communities to participate in the event . The games have further spread the national fitness idea and created a healthy and harmonious community and family atmosphere.
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