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15 July 2015

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Hunan’s First Artificial Intelligence Industrial Park Settles in Tianxin District

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On December 2, the Changsha Tianxin Economic Development Zone was awarded the plaque of “Hunan Artificial Intelligence (AI) Industrial Park (Changsha Tianxin)” by the Hunan Industry and Information Technology Department. This is Hunan’s first government authorized AI industrial park.
In recent years, Tianxin District has seized the opportunity of developing digital economy to accelerate AI industry development. It set up Hunan’s first industrial park-enterprise production and sales matchmaking service center; took the lead in realizing full coverage of 5G network in central China; and, selected and promoted 12 application scenarios including autonomous intelligent BIM (Building Information Modeling) system.
This year, the Tianxin Economic Development Zone has implemented the idea of “vacating the cage and changing the bird” to build the Tianxin Digital Valley - Intelligent Economy Innovation Industrial Base. Based on the big data (geographic information) industrial chain and the AI industry alliance in the zone, the base focuses on developing high-tech service industries, especially intelligent economy, digital economy, and internet economy, and strives to build itself into a digital economy cluster demonstration area. So far, more than 30 AI enterprises with core technological advantages have settled there, including Keensense and Autozi.
Huang Tao, deputy secretary of the CPC committee of Tianxin District and Tianxin District chief, said at the plaque-awarding ceremony that, in the next five years, the district will expand the AI industrial park area to 1 million square meters; attract 1,000 AI and big data enterprises; and, achieve an annual output value of 10 billion yuan and a comprehensive tax revenue of 1 billion yuan.