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15 July 2015

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Jiangyong Nvshu Impresses Global Diplomats

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The 2019 Global Diplomats’ Chinese Cultural Night opened in Beijing recently. Jiangyong Nvshu (women’s script) was shown at the event, providing an intangible cultural heritage feast for the diplomats from more than 160 countries and international organizations. 
Li Yu’er, a young singer of the China National Opera & Dance Drama Theatre and Nvshu cultural publicity envoy, performed an original song “Soul of Nvshu”. Nvshu inheritors Pu Lijuan, Hu Xin, and Hu Siting chanted “Song for Nvshu”, presenting cultural connotation and unique charm of Nvshu to the world. A special exhibition area was set up at the event. A series of Nvshu-related cultural creative products were displayed, including Nvshu Lady Bottle, a Qipao-shaped cloisonné bottle; bosom friend poetry kerchief; brocade ribbon; and, oil-paper umbrella. The visitors were deeply impressed by mysterious and unique Nvshu culture. 
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