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15 July 2015

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Hunan to Develop Fruit Industry for Rural Revitalization

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Hunan will have 10 key industries with an output of 100 billion CNY in five years. The fruit industry is among the ten. 
On November 23, a forum on cultivating Hunan’s fruit industry into a 100-billion-CNY industry while promoting rural revitalization and development was held in Changsha. Nearly 100 experts, scholars, and entrepreneurs discussed such topics as facilitating Hunan’s fruit industry development through “new farmers, new media, new brands, new technology, and new market”, and carrying out the national rural revitalization strategy in Hunan. 
The experts agreed that it is necessary to emphasize market orientation and develop leading brands with high reputation and popularity. Vocational education should be strengthened, focusing on cultivating medium and high-level technical personnel in agricultural industry chain, and integrating with regional economy and industrial chain. Top-notch specialties should be developed which relate to relevant industry development. Tailored training will be provided to farmers. A dynamic mechanism should be established to match the specialties with industry so as to transfer education into productivity. 
The Hunan Vocational College of Commerce hosted the forum. In recent years, the college has made notable achievements in serving rural revitalization. It developed China’s first e-commerce platform for supply and marketing which realized an e-commerce trading volume of nearly 4 billion CNY in rural areas over the past two years. In the past five years, it has provided training for more than 10,000 rural marketing personnel, including directors of county supply and marketing cooperatives and professional cooperators; and, cultivated nearly 3,000 agriculture-related graduates. More than half of these graduates work for rural revitalization. 
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