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15 July 2015

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Cross-Strait Cooperative Child-friendly Theme Park to Be Built in Changsha

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On November 18, Tianxin District held a signing ceremony for cross-Strait cooperation projects supported by the central, provincial, and municipal governments’ favorable policies towards Taiwan. A cross-Strait cooperative child-friendly theme park, the first of its kind in China, will be built at Nanjiao Park in Changsha.
Yang Jinding, deputy inspector of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee; and, Tan Xiaoping, standing committee member and United Front Work Department director of the CPC Changsha Municipal Committee, attended.
Before the ceremony, Director Tan Xiaoping met with a Taiwan businessmen delegation headed by Mr. James Chien, president of Taiwanese Businessmen Association of Macao and chairman of Taiwan Hung Meng Cultural and Technological Creativity Co., Ltd. 
Changsha set the goal of building itself into a child-friendly city in 2015. At the signing ceremony, Nanjiao Park signed a contract with enterprises including Hunan Tianqi Hunan-Taiwan Cultural Development Co., Ltd. They will invest in building Nanjiao Park into China’s first child-friendly theme park based on cross-Strait cooperation. Chinese cultural elements will be merged into the amusement projects. A child-friendly base for sports, arts, nature education and science popularization will be built. The park is scheduled to start construction in 2020, and open to the public the following year.