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15 July 2015

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Huaihua-Zhijiang Expressway Opens to Traffic

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The Huaihua section of Huaihua-Zhijiang Expressway, part of the S50 Changsha-Zhijiang Expressway, opened to traffic at 10:18 on the morning of November 13, 2019. Hunan has one more important transportation channel connecting the east and west.
The Huaihua-Zhijiang Expressway connects the northwestern Hecheng District, Huaihua City to the Zhijiang Dong Autonomous County. It starts from the Zhuxi Village Transportation Hub, Yingkou Township, Hecheng District, and intersects with the G65 Baotou-Maoming Expressway. It ends at the western Zhijiang Interchange, and intersects with the G60 Shanghai-Kunming Expressway.
It is about 20 minute-drive from the Huaihua West toll station to Zhijiang through the newly-opened Huaihua-Zhijiang Expressway, while it took about 40 minutes before. It was said that vehicles from Guizhou direction going to Jishou and Chongqing along this expressway, will save about a distance of 20 kilometers, compared with before when they took the G60 Shanghai-Kunming Expressway and then transferred to the G65 Baotou-Maoming Expressway.
This article is from Hunan Provincial Government.
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