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15 July 2015

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Faster “Double 11” Express Deliveries Seen

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According to SF, STO, YTO, and other express delivery companies, Hunan province faces package delivery peak after “Double 11” Shopping Spree since November 13. It is one or two days earlier than the previous year. The peak is expected to last for one week.
Person in charge of the Changsha Transfer Center of STO Express Hunan Branch said, “During this year’s ‘Double 11’ shopping festival, major e-commerce platforms have stricter requirements on delivery time. The sellers send out commodities faster, the logistics companies collect packages quicker, and the logistics is more intelligent. That’s why the peak time came earlier this year.”
During the “Double 11” period, the number of packages delivered daily by SF Hunan is expected to be twice than that of other times. The YTO express packages to Hunan on November 12 was 1.6 times than that of usual, and continued to grow. The STO Changsha Transfer Center usually deliver 800,000 to 1 million packages daily, while more than 2 million pieces are expected to be dispatched daily during the period.
SF Hunan, besides adding more than 3,000 workers across province, also launched the smart supply chain product in line with the pre-sale trend of e-commerce platforms. It adopted big data technology to predict the demands, and prepared the best-sellers such as cosmetics, clothing, maternity and baby products, and 3C home appliances in advance in the storehouses nearest to the consumers, realizing one-click purchase and immediate delivery. This enabled more than 60% of the goods that were arrived at the major SF transfer centers the first day after the “Double 11” festival to be delivered on the same day.
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