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15 July 2015

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Three Changsha Counties Included in China’s Top 50 Counties in Business Environment

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On November 12, CCID Consulting, a leading Chinese think tank, released its research findings on China’s top 100 counties in business environment. Changsha County, Liuyang City (county-level), and Ningxiang City (county-level) were among the top 50 counties in this regard. 
In terms of business environment, Changsha County ranked 12th nationwide this year, up 6 places from 2018; Liuyang ranked 25th, up 5 places from 2018; and, Ningxiang ranked 34th, down 7 places from 2018. 
Research findings showed that there is a complementary relationship between business environment and county economic strength. Specifically, a good business environment can promote economic strength, and counties with strong economic strength are also better equipped to improve their business environment.
Among the top 100 counties in business environment, 75 counties and county-level cities including Changsha County, Liuyang City and Ningxiang City were both among the top 100 in business environment and the top 100 in county economic strength. 
According to the top 100 list of county economic strength released by CCID Consulting in 2019, Changsha County ranked 6th nationwide, Liuyang City 14th, and Ningxiang City 20th.