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15 July 2015

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First Yongzhou Culture and Tourism Week Opens

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On November 11, the first Yongzhou Culture and Tourism Week and the Liu Zongyuan Culture and Tourism Festival opened in Lingling District, Yongzhou, a historical and cultural city. It was under the auspices of the Hunan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and hosted by the Yongzhou Municipal People’s Government.
Founded in the Western Han Dynasty, Lingling District has a history of more than 2,000 years. Being recognized as a “National Historical and Cultural City”, it has made full use of its rich cultural and tourism resources in recent years. It gives full play to the synergy effect of culture and tourism, implements a tourism-oriented strategy, and boost all-for-one tourism. To leverage its cultural strength, the district increases efforts in repairing and protecting historical and cultural sites, and integrates historical and cultural elements into urban construction. Lingling is more attractive than ever and becomes a tourist destination for many tourists from home and abroad. 
Art performances featuring Lingling culture were staged at the opening ceremony. 
The following events will be held during the culture and tourism week, including:
-Presentation on Culture and Tourism Investment Projects; 
-Seminar on Historical and Cultural City;
-Serial Events to Present the Charm of Lingling;
-Ancient Culture-themed Exhibition; and,
-Lingling Cultural Creative Design Competition. 
The culture and tourism week will last till November 18. 
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