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15 July 2015

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Hunan Has 4 New Demonstrations for Building Good Rural Roads

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On November 7, 83 counties, county-level cities, and districts across China were designated as models of having “well-constructed, well-managed, well-maintained and well-operated” rural roads. Linli, Anren, and Pingjiang Counties, and Lengshuitan District of Hunan were included. 
Model selections aimed to carry out Chinese President Xi Jinping’s important instruction on building good roads in rural areas. These candidate jurisdictions were selected through application, preliminary selection, municipal and provincial review, expert review, and field review, and finally nominated by the Chinese Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and State Council Poverty Alleviation Office. 
Hunan has been effective in building “well-constructed, well-managed, well-maintained and well-operated” rural roads in recent years. Last year, Changsha County, Linxiang City, and Zhijiang Dong Autonomous County made the first list of the national models. 
At present, Hunan has 202,000 km rural roads. All roads are maintained regularly, and 89% are either concrete or bituminous pavement. 
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