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15 July 2015

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Miluo Increases International Presence

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On November 3, the four-day "Chinese and foreign poets Miluo Tour" and the ‘18th Annual Meeting of the Chinese Association of Qu Yuan” began. Jidi Majia, vice president of the China Writers Association, and Fang Ming, president of the Chinese Association of Qu Yuan, and more than 260 Chinese and foreign: poets, scholars, and experts gathered on the banks of the Miluo River to discuss literature creation and experience folk customs.
The attendees visited Quyuan’s Cultural Park, Memorial Temple, Academy, and Poetry Exchange Center. They participated in the unveiling ceremony at which Quyuan Academy was declared the "Quyuan Culture Research Institute of the Chinese Association of Qu Yuan", and the annual meeting opening ceremony. Yu Wen, CPC Miluo Municipal Committee secretary, said that Miluo will hold its first "China (Miluo River) International Poetry Art Week" during the Dragon Boat Festival in 2020. Related experts, poets, writers from all over the world will be invited to share their views on the origins of poetry and build Miluo into a Qu Yuan culture dissemination center, the world’s capital of dragon boat, and the spiritual home of global Chinese people.
"Dragon boat racing is like poem writing. You need to grasp the rhyme and rhythm," said Australian poet Andy Carruthers during his first visit to Miluo. Andy enthused that the activity inspired him, and that he would continue to study Qu Yuan and promote traditional Chinese culture. 
Miluo has established the "Miluo River Literature Award" to collect ancient and modern poetry and prose from all over the world. 
Quyuan Culture Park was declared a national 4A-level scenic spot and the Dragon Boat Festival was added to UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage list. Miluo has held the Chinese Miluo International Dragon Boat Festival for 15 consecutive years.