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15 July 2015

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Hunan Has 6th Largest Shale Gas Deposit Nationwide

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A “Shale Gas Well Logging Technical Specifications” project, undertaken by the Coal Geological Exploration Institute of Hunan Province, passed the inspection of the Hunan Administration for Market Regulation and the Hunan Department of Natural Resources. It fills the gap of Hunan’s shale gas well logging standards. 
This project was launched in March 2017, as a soft scientific research plan of the Hunan Department of Natural Resources. It is based on the existing standards of the coal fields, coalbed methane, and well logging in petroleum industry. It combines the Hunan Goal Geological Exploration Institute’s research on shale gas exploration and development, and its well logging practices, to analyze and work out the shale gas well logging technical parameters that suit Hunan’s geologic features, and standardize shale gas well logging procedures.
Hunan is one of China’s largest resources of shale gas with a deposit of 9.2 trillion cubic meters, about 7% of the national total, and ranking 6th nationwide. Shale gas welling logging is an essential part of shale gas well drilling. Solutions to the problems in key technologies are urgently needed. With the newly developed specifications, a local standard system for shale gas well drilling, cementation, and logging will be formed. 
This article is from Hunan Provincial Government.
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