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15 July 2015

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Five Hunan Tourist Attractions Rated National 4A

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The Hunan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism announced on Oct. 22 that five scenic spots in Hunan were rated as national 4A-level scenic spots. China's tourist attractions are graded on a scale from A to AAAAA, based on a series of criteria on the tourist site. 
The scenic spots were recommended by relevant city-level tourist attraction rating agencies and reviewed by the Hunan Tourist Attraction Rating Commission under the guidance of the Standard of Rating for Quality of Tourist Attraction and Measures for Tourist Attraction Rating. 
The five tourist attractions included Quyuan Cultural Park in Yueyang, Fenglin Huahai Scenic Spot in Changde, Sanliandong Scenic Spot in Loudi, Huangsan Eco-tourism Area in Shaoyang, and Huangyan Eco-tourism Area in Huaihua. 
Quyuan Cultural Park in Yueyang
Fenglin Huahai Scenic Spot in Changde
Sanliandong Scenic Spot in Loudi
Huangsan Eco-tourism Area in Shaoyang
Huangyan Eco-tourism Area in Huaihua
The photo above shows Xintian Mushu Resort Town. 
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