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15 July 2015

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Changsha’s First RV Camping Base Attracts Numerous Visitors

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During the National Day holiday, the so-called Golden Week, the playful Changsha people are always able to “play a new name”. On October 3, it was learned from Edan Caravan Moon Island RV (recreational vehicle) Camping Base, the first caravan camp in Changsha, that since the base was opened on September 30, it has attracted nearly 10,000 people to visit. All the RVs have been rented out, and a vacant tent is “hard to find”.
How to spend the holiday in a leisure way? Making an appointment with family and friends is a good idea. You may set up a tent in the island; play with the children; enjoy the beautiful scenery; take a hot bath in the caravan; sing, or watch shows; count the stars at night; and, watch the sunrise along the riverside in the morning. 
The base, located on the Moon Island in the Xiangjiang River, covers an area of 33 mu (2.2 ha.). It is a standardized camp that integrates RV service, meals, accommodation, and entertainment. There are more than 10 kinds of eco-RVs, including camping trailer, travel trailer, and motor caravan. The tents and grass on the lawn in front of the RV become the children’s playground. The RV has the comfortable bedroom, living room, bathroom, air conditioning, shower, bed, sofa, and hot water, which can accommodate a four-person family. The kitchen facilities will be opened later. 
The Moon Island base is now at the trial operation stage. During the Golden Week, the National Day Theme Flower Show, the Eden Caravan Exhibition, and the Automobile Culture Festival are being held.
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