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15 July 2015

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Matchmaking Meeting for Overseas Innovation Talents and Changsha Enterprises Opens

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A matchmaking meeting for overseas innovation talents and Changsha enterprises was held in Changsha on September 24. Fifty-eight overseas innovation talents from various countries, including the United States, Canada, and Singapore, participated. Changsha Vice Mayor Liu Mingli attended.
These overseas talents came to Changsha to look for cooperation opportunities. They brought 61 projects involving such fields as artificial intelligence, biomedicine, electronic information, energy conservation, and environmental protection, which aroused great interest among Changsha enterprises.
The roadshows of these projects were like “sci-fi blockbusters”. A “Smurf” robot can remind the elderly to turn off the fire, electricity, and gas, and deliver first-aid medicine boxes to them. ACAI’s AI chip for vehicle recognition can improve the precision of the vehicle’s front and rear electronic equipment in the fields of vehicle identification and automatic driving. 
(Photo/Liu Chaochao, Changsha Evening News)
During the meeting, the Changsha Yuhua Economic Development Zone signed an agreement on talent and technology transfer with the China-US Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Center. They will jointly build a talent recruitment center to facilitate industrial transformation and upgrading of the development zone.
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