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15 July 2015

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Hunan-Fortune Global 500 Companies Matchmaking Conference Held in Beijing

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The Hunan-Fortune Global 500 Companies Matchmaking Conference was held in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) South building on the afternoon of September 12, 2019. It was part of MFA’s event which presented Hunan Province. 
Vice Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu and Hunan Vice Governor Chen Fei addressed the conference.
Mr. Ma Zhaoxu said that Hunan plays an extremely important role in the new round of reform and opening up in China. Enterprises from all over the world are expected to take the opportunity of building the ‘Belt and Road’ initiative to enhance mutual understanding and friendship, and identify development directions for more cooperation potential. It is hoped that these companies will further strengthen collaboration with Hunan and increase investment in various fields in order to jointly create a better future. MFA will continue to give strong support and assistance to Hunan's opening up, international exchanges, and foreign cooperation.
Mr. Chen Fei said that based on a good industrial foundation, Hunan regards its cooperation with Fortune Global 500 companies as an important measure to promote high-quality economic development with a higher level of openness. By improving industrial policies, the province will create a fair market environment for enterprises. It also provides a broad stage for global entrepreneurs and talents, and warmly welcomes them to invest and develop in Hunan. Better services will be provided to these enterprises to support their development in Hunan, so as to achieve mutual benefits and common development.
The conference also issued a series of preferential policies and a directory of projects. It systematically introduced Hunan's policies in supporting investment attraction and expanding opening-up and cooperation. It presented 80 international cooperation projects customized for Fortune Global 500 companies, involving such fields as advanced manufacturing, infrastructure construction, and trade logistics.
This article is from Hunan Provincial Government.
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