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15 July 2015

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Changsha Ranks 7th Among 100 Chinese Cities in Sustainable Development

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Recently the China Center for International Economic Exchanges and other institutions released a “Blue Book of Sustainable Development: Evaluation Report on the Sustainable Development of China (2019)”. It ranked the sustainability performances of Chinese cities and provinces. Hunan was 13th in the country in 2018 in terms of sustainable development, the same as 2017. Changsha was 7th nationwide in 2018 in this regard, up one spot from 2017.
The blue book analyzed and ranked the sustainable development performances of China’s 30 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions and 100 large and medium-sized cities based on their economic development, social welfare and livelihood, environmental resources, consumption and emissions, and environmental management. 
The top 10 sustainable development cities in 2018 were: Zhuhai; Shenzhen; Beijing; Hangzhou; Guangzhou; Qingdao; Changsha; Nanjing; Ningbo; and, Wuhan.