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15 July 2015

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Zhangjiajie Sets “Silk Road Courier Stations” Along “Belt and Road” Route

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The “Silk Road Courier Stations” nameplate conferring and the English tourism promotion website opening ceremonies are held in Zhangjiajie. (Photo/Tuo Xingliang) 
On August 7, a ceremony was held in Zhangjiajie to confer nameplates to ten “Silk Road Courier Stations” designated by Zhangjiajie’s local travel agencies and large tourism merchants in Berlin of Gernmany, Tokyo of Japan, Seoul of South Korea, and Kuala Lumpur of Malaysia. 
The “Silk Road Courier Station” is a practice of Zhangjaijie government in implementing the national “Belt and Road” initiative. It combines “silk road” and “courier station” to establish an international communication and cooperation platform, and get Zhangjiajie linked with “Belt and Road” countries on tourism, economic and trade, and cultural companies. 
Zhangjiajie will collaborate with the tourist cities along the “Belt and Road” route to establish cooperative cultural tourism agencies. The Zhangjiajie “Silk Road Courier Stations” Operation Center, and related management and leading group, will be set to organize publicity, tourism marketing, investment promotion, cultural exchange, and international trade affairs. The first batch of ten courier stations will be Zhangjaijie’s pioneers in exploring overseas market and international communications.
Ten “Silk Road Courier Stations” are conferred with their nameplates. (Photo/Tuo Xingliang)
The English website ( for promoting Zhangjiajie tourism opened that day. It presents an authoritative and comprehensive “Zhangjiajie tourism wikipedia” to the foreign travelers from the aspects of food, scenery, folk customs, celebrations, and related tourism information.
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