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15 July 2015

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Encouraging Results Seen in Yueyang’s Port Economy

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The Yueyang Municipal Government Port Administrative Office announced on June 23 that, encouraging results have been seen in Yueyang’s port economy. Chenglingji Port developed shipping logistics in an all-round way to establish a key hub port for river and ocean combined transportation in the middle reach of the Yangtze River, and explore new container growth areas. In the first five months this year, the container throughput was 204,200 TEUs, increasing by 17.8% over last year. There included 2,850 cars and 110,300 tons of food imported through the port, respectively growing by 185.8% and 26.27%.  
In 2019, the office has taken great efforts in simplifying customs clearance procedures, and developing open economy. It coordinated with related departments to enhance efficiency and lower cost, in order to further improve business environment. The handling capacity of the port increased steadily. The work in operation of the direct route to Hong Kong and Macau, Hunan-Europe Express Line Yueyang Station, fruit imports, and survey for removing the hazardous-material yard from Chenglingji New Port, are in full swing. Port and shipping enterprises were organized to investigate goods supply for imports and exports in Yiyang and other cities, to attract these goods to go through Chenglingji Port. It also coordinated with financial and customs authorities to accelerate approval and granting of warehouse subsidies to these enterprises. 
Beyond that, the office completed radiation safety and protection training, H986X radioassay testing, container checking system maintenance, to guarantee orderly operation and improve efficiency. It organized trainings on “single-winder system” transportation facility and shipping bill declaration, and streamlined business procedures, to make port trade more convenient. The Chenglingji Port biosafety laboratory has been completed and delivered to the Yueyang Customs to improve its efficiency of inspection.