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15 July 2015

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Eight Hunan Counties and Districts Named “Most Beautiful County in China”

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Recently China’s Most Beautiful County List 2019 was announced at the Ninth National Eco-tourism and Culture Industry Development Forum. A total of 219 counties, which includes county-level cities and districts, were listed as a “Most Beautiful County in China”. Eight places in Hunan were included.  
They were Guidong, Chengbu, Ningyuan, Jianghua, and Yizhang counties; Shaoshan City; and, Chenzhou City Suxian and Zhangjiajie City Wulingyuan districts.  
The key selection criteria were:
- abundant tourist resources and good ecological and cultural environment; 
- a high reputation and recognition; and,
- local government efforts in tourism and ecological construction. 
Guidong County

Guidong County is located in southeast Hunan. At an average elevation of 900 meters, 85% of the county is forested. Its annual average temperature is 15.4 °C.
Wulingyuan District, Zhangjiajie City

Wulingyuan District is in central Zhangjiajie City which is in the northwest of Hunan Province. It is in the upper reaches of the Lishui River and the Wuling Mountain Range, 32 kilometers from downtown Zhangjiajie. 
The district consecutively won the honor since the ranking was initiated last year. 
Chengbu County 

Chengbu County nestles in the Wuling Mountain area. It is a national ecological construction demonstration county and a national greening model county. It has a forest area of 3.308 million mu (220,533 ha.), and 80.3% is forested. The county’s Hunan Nanshan National Park is Hunan’s only candidate for the first batch of 10 pilot programs for the national park system in China. 
Shaohan City 

Shanshao City is located in hilly area of east-central Hunan and is at the border areas of Xiangxiang, Ningxiang, and Xiangtan. 
Ningyuan County

Photo source- CPC Ningyuan County Committee Publicity Department and taken by Zhang Xinguo, Le Shuiwang, and Fan Zhuopeng.  
Ningyuan has beautiful scenery. Its Jiuyi Mountain is a national forest park, one of the top six scenic spots, and one Hunan’s top ten tourist resorts. 
Jianghua County 

Jianghua County is Hunan’s only autonomous Yao ethnic group county. It has most of China’s Yao population. Its long-drum dance and Panwang song were included in the national living cultural heritage items. Moya Shike, a cliff with Buddhist inscriptions, on Yanghua Rock and Xianggui Ancient Road were listed as cultural sites under state protection. 
Yizhang County

Yizhang County is Hunan’s “south gate”. Its Mangshan Mountain is listed as a national forest park, a national nature reserve, one of the first batch of 14 Chinese natural scenic attractions, and one of the eight new views of Xiaoxiang. In 2008, the mountain was rated as a national 4-A scenic spot.  
Suxian District, Chenzhou City
Photo by Huang Jianhua
Located in southern Hunan, Suxian District is on the upper reaches of the Leishui River, a tributary of the Xiangjiang River. The district has a forest area of nearly 1 million mu, and its growing stock volume is 2.2866 million cubic meters. It is known as the “green treasure house”. Among the more than 2,000 species of flora and fauna, there are 25 animals under state protection and 13 rare plants. 
This article is from Hunan Provincial Government. 
Translator: Xiao Juan
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