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15 July 2015

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People's Livelihood Key Facts Announced

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On March 18, the Hunan Provincial Statistics Bureau announced that Hunan raised funds from various sources of about 187 billion CNY to address 12 key livelihood issues.
Hunan upgraded rural infrastructure. A total of 20,507 kilometers of cement (asphalt) roads were built in unincorporated villages, and 8,086 kilometers of rural roads have been renovated. Programs that have been upgraded to reinforce rural drinking water safety have benefited 1,254,600 people. Power distribution networks with 10-kV grade or below have been improved in administrative villages, with an investment of 651 million CNY. Hunan overfilled the project target tasks and farmers' living and travel conditions were significantly improved.  
Living standards and allowances for rural and urban residents were increased gradually. Average urban minimum living allowance in Hunan were allocated in accordance with the minimum wage: 510 CNY/month in the first and second-grade areas; and 452 CNY/month in the third and fourth-grade areas. Rural residents received an average of 4,098 CNY/year. All exceeded the annual target tasks. Urban and rural assistance allowances reached 340 yuan/month and 196 yuan/month, exceeding the annual target tasks of 20 yuan/month and 26 yuan/month respectively.
In 2018, Hunan provided free breast cancer and cervical cancer screenings for 1,078,100 rural women of appropriate age, an increase of 37,100 over the previous year; free antenatal examination for 527,000 pregnant women, completing 105.4% of the annual target tasks. 
Housing conditions for urban and rural residents have been improved. Hunan raised funds of more than 5.3 billion CNY to renovate 178,400 rural dilapidated houses, and raised funds of more than 125 billion CNY to reconstruct 280,500 houses in urban shanty towns, completing 178.4% and 101% of the annual target tasks respectively. 
Last year Hunan created 794,500 new urban jobs, and completed 113.5% of the annual target tasks. It eliminated 18,168 “supersized” classes in compulsory education system, completing 154.9% of the annual target tasks. A total of 322 issues relating to drinking water sources at county level were handled. The province cleaned up 154 black and malodorous water bodies in urban areas, completing 102.7% of the annual target tasks.   
This article is from Hunan Provincial Government.
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